Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stop & Smell the ...Blog?

"I am going to leave the blogging world. It takes up too much time."
Has this thought crossed your mind? Mine too. Then I switch on the computer, turn to my blog where someone left a word of encouragement, a picture posted made me smile, or I hear my daughter's voice through her blog.
This week my daughter has been working 12 hour days and I have been unable to just pick up the phone and call. Since she lives across country, I can't drop in with cookies or share my favorite book. I do, however, know what her wish is for a day or learn about the first time she made homemade pasta or the newest starbucks she visited. When we are separated by distance from those we love, it's the little things we miss. We plain don't remember to share everything in a phone call.
This is my time. No exiting blog world for me .
Check out her blog listed in my blog list- Disrupted by Change.


alteredpink said...

Thanks Mom:) You had me so scared for a second that you were quitting blogging. I love checking your blog. It is a great way to stay in touch and just share daily things that we would never think to share over the phone. I am so thrilled that you plan to continue. You are the reason I started my blog and your blog is terrific!!

Lawendula said...

I never thought of leaving the blog-world. I live in a very very small place in Germany on land and I'm a home worker. There is nobody I can talk to, except for my partner and my daughter.
But there are the people all over the world, who are a part of my life, via blogging.
I'm so happy to be connected, to be in the web.