Monday, June 1, 2009

Empty Bottles

4 little bottles waiting for Spring...I love to put flowers in various sizes and colors of bottles. I am waiting patiently for my lilacs to bloom, but it seems like everything is against them. It is cold here again today. Yet if they had bloomed before yesterday's storm, the hail may have taken them out.
Timing is an important part of our lives - paying attention to the rhythms, the ebb and flow, the seasons. Human nature is bent on getting it done ( as my husband would say). Peace takes over as we listen to the rhythm of our present season and move accordingly.
My bottles are not empty after all. They held this message for me today.


Cynthia said...

a twinkle and a smile :)


alteredpink said...

It's funny, I have always loved the look of empty bottles on a window sill. I prefer this look to flowers:) Love your picture.

Lesley Denford said...

I collect neat empty bottles too (juice bottles, wine bottles, etc.), with the hopes of using them as vases. I never do! Must make an effort to go buy flowers. :)