Thursday, June 25, 2009


There are crazy days, lazy days, days that I want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head, and days with special moments. Yesterday was marked with moments I want to remember.
Picture #1
In the morning I went to riding lessons. The humidity was sweltering. I came straight home and jumped in the shower. I had plans for the afternoon, but was waiting for a friend who was supposed to stop in. Some days those waits are frustrating, but I had a book I am enjoying so I grabbed it and headed outside where a breeze had arisen. After a bit I looked up from my book. It was snowing whispers of dandelions, you know after they turn white. I tried to capture the magic on film, but settled for sitting in the midst of it.
Picture #2
Hubby waiting in the car. neighbors have been telling us about a bear hanging around. I grabbed my camera, just in case. No bear but this lovely butterfly in my driveway.
Hubby and I visited a friend who will soon be in heaven. (Then went to put mom's air conditioner in.) On the ride home I was pondering my blessings of having so many precious people in my life as this friend. This sunset was a perfect period to my thoughts.

You know that friend I was waitng for? She never did show up. I wonder what my day would have been like without her simple phone call that redirected me? The smallest things can change the course of our days or even our lives.

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