Saturday, February 14, 2009

Secret #6

This is week #6 in Secrets of Highly Creative Women. I've been asking myself the question this morning,"What is it that sabotages my creativity?"
Here goes:
#1- Everything else takes priority, creative moments not seeming as important compared to the needs of home, business, and people.
#2- I have this thinking that successful creativity looks like this ,whatever this is.
The revelation that I am being creative in various ways was freeing. The photo I posted on this page is evidence. I have always wanted to grow flowers. The last two summers I have experimented with Container Gardening. I have this eyesore of a stone patio which has always bugged me. Last summer I filled it with containers of various flowers and a mini waterfall that my son gave me for Christmas. It became my favorite place to sit and breathe. At one point I gathered with a few friends and we prayed together in the midst of all that beauty. And guess what? It was my creative success!
Learning this principle (creativity comes in many forms) is freeing.
Having said that, I liked what Andrea Sher said this week about writing for 15 minutes a day. I do this in journal form, but I really want to expand my writing skills. I want to form some kind of ritual around this 15 minute time slot so that I will do it every day. I have never been able to fit this into my mornings. I am rethinking the whole process including the timing. Get out of the box, girl!


Anonymous said...

You are so right, creativity comes in so many forms! And to know that we are indulging in it in some fashion each day does a soul good. Are those your flowers you grew? They are gorgeous (I have a black thumb). Good luck with the morning writing can do it!


Snap said...

Creativity comes in so many forms -- gardening, cooking, knitting, crocheting, singing, writing, painting, photography and on and on and on. I love that you can sit with your flowers and just be you. I do that, too. Rituals are good and finding the time is possible. Hang in there and GO FOR IT!

intothedawn said...

YES! There are *so* many forms of creativity! And I support you in thinking outside the box-- keep playing with your writing time, you will eventually find a good time and a perfect ritual, sometimes it just takes a bit of play. So have fun with it!

wildheart said...

Thank you for this post and the reminder that creativity comes in many forms. And your photo is just gorgeous!

alteredpink said...

Love your profile picture Mom!! You with Starbucks in your hands (you can tell where you were). Thanks so much for getting Ken and I blogging. You have to be the coolest Mom (what other daughter has a Mom teach them to blog). Love ya & Love your Blog - Amber


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