Monday, February 9, 2009

Secret #5 Self Focus

Merely thinking the words self-focus used to conjure up feelings of guilt inside of me. When Dr. Phil published his book "Self Matters" several years ago, I avoided it simply because of the title. It seemed un- Christian like to head in that direction. Books that I am meant to read find their way into my hands regardless of my resistance. Self Matters was a critical stop in a healing journey for me. I loved it and a wall was forever removed from my life as a result.

One of my goals for this year was to treat myself to something special each month. The picture in this post displays January's treat. Desperately missing my flowers in midwinter, I drove to the florist and bought several blossoms of various colors. This one was my favorite. It remained on my desk way past the time when it could no longer hold up its droopy head.

I love one of Jamie's thought threads-"You can't be in a relationship if you leave yourself out."
The two areas mentioned in Secret #5 that I work on regularly are setting boundaries and variety ( always so many creative things I want to do).

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