Thursday, February 5, 2009

Secret #4 Surrendering to Creative Cycles

This is my first post for the 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Group. I have been working this week on catching up to where the group is presently. In Chapter 2 I started to answer a series of questions and had the thought, "i will do this in the form of a poem." Something amazing began to flow. The poem wasn't pretty or uplifting, but showed me the place in my life where I had gotten stuck creatively. This was quite a revelation. It's rough, but I don't care. It began a thought process about these creative cycles we are delving into.


In the wake of their departure

my hands extend from the whirlwind.


or be blown away

I fear.


Worlds pulling and pushing, colliding.

I collapse in a heap.

Copy, copy, copy

copycat artist


i disappear.

Press, push, pray, prove.

Broken body groans.

I'm crying in the dark.


I know this doesn't mean anything to my readers, but it sure does to me and I knew after I wrote this that I had been stuck. Now that place is letting me go.

One more thing . Creativity takes many forms. I have felt guilty for neglecting my writing and artistic side. I realized after reading these chapters and listening to Leah, that I create regularly in my cooking, flower arranging, journaling, and so much more. What a release!

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Kavindra said...

I love that you put your poem up even tho only you really get the meaning - there's some great lines even without understanding.

Glad you found a release with the book and group this week. All our lives are creative if we live properly!