Saturday, July 16, 2011

What a Difference a Vacation Makes!

Each weekend I write a list in my journal of the top 10 favorite things about my week. I had so many this week I forgot a couple. :)
What a difference a vacation makes!

I had lots of creative energy this week and decided to explore.

I already shared my table, which I did apply the shellac to and it changed the look to a bit more antique.

I stripped an old chair down to the bones, preparing for transformation.

I began my first Art Quilting project and created a Word Toolbox journal in which I wrote a short poerm.

Hooray! I also began an art journal but not sure how much I like it. I am exploring and re-learning what I love.

Today, I have to rest from my creativity ( and I am tired) and head into the office. My desk is piled with work.

But it has been fun!

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