Friday, July 29, 2011

Lighting Up

Source: via Paula on Pinterest

Last week I was watching Priscilla Shirer on DVD. She was talking about the famous Michael Jackson video where he dances and the squares light up. She said the story goes something like this.

The director/producer said, "Michael, I know you can dance all over the stage and it will be great but I want you to only step where I tell you to."
Michael did what he said and the result is history.

Priscilla goes on to say that we can use all our gifts and talents in various places and it will look great or we can use our gifts where God directs and the path will light up.

I won't be dancing on stage anytime soon but I would love for my everyday life to light up under God's direction.


Nancy said...

I never knew that about Michael Jackson's dance......

You are so right, when God directs and His power is used there has to be light....I like you hope I shed His light everyday in some way so that others may see His glory....

Great post....

Hugs and blessings,

Cynthia said...

Ah, the famous Billie Jean video. It made my morning seeing you write about an MJ video (I know, it's not really about the video, but still!) :) Speaking of the Thriller album, an IT guy at work gave me a Thriller record (old type vintage record) he got at his parents yard sale. It's in PERFECT condition, it's awesome!