Thursday, June 2, 2011

There's Just Something About It

There is just something about working with my hands that is satisfying.

I enjoy cutting up vegetables for a soup, kneading bread ( which I don't do anymore because I eat gluten free and my children are grown), and sewing. It gets me out of my head for a time.

This week I am working on Baby Quilt #2. The recipient is having twins. Because of a lack of time before the shower and an overload of office work, I knew that I would have to keep it simple. Simple binding, no border, small squares all hand tacked. Once I have the binding on I will finish that by hand as well. I could cut corners and do it by machine, but there is just something about using my hands to push the needle in and out.

It's not perfect, but stitched with love

This has been my week, so forgive my lack of blogging. I am sharing this today as I take a break to stretch sore shoulders and get a cup of tea.

Later then...

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