Sunday, October 17, 2010

What was I Thinking Continued...

This is where my laptop ended up at 5:30 Saturday afternoon.

I thought I would get creative and see what I could do about Christmas photo projects for my children. It gets harder every year to find something unique for each of them  and I have neither the time nor energy this year. So I decided to buy for our five grandchildren and make something special for each couple together.

You would think I learned my lesson the other night in blogland, but no, I ventured into the digital world filled with hope. After wading through hundreds of photos to find my favorites (an impossiblity to begin with), I ran into a few problems. Several hours later with my brain feeling like mush, I shut it down.

My husband came in to take me out to supper. I desperately needed to get out of the house. Every restaurant in PI, near where we live was packed. So we ventured on to Caribou another 15 minutes away only to end up at one of my least favorite places to eat. It wasn't too bad considering we were so hungry, anything looked good. I almost told my hubby to stop hanging out with me because I am in one of those funks, definitely not a flow.

I must say, my blog doesn't look too bad after the battle waged the other night. (See previous post). See, I'm ready to try again! What am I thinking?

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