Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ordinary Beauty

I've been sitting here leafing through the new Artful Blogging magazine with a mixture of emotions. I miss sitting at my art table and loosing myself in a project. I miss connecting with other bloggers but my blogging has been so sporadic that I've lost the regular contacts.
I looked at all the ordinary beauty in the photos posted and wished I had the time to devote to getting just the right shot for my blog. I decided to skim through the pictures I'd recently taken and found this one. A few weeks ago I found this huge mushroom growing under a bush at our camper and on impulse grabbed my camera. I was surprised at how lovely the colors appeared in the photo. I may not have had the time these last 6 months to do many of the things I was used to, but there have been some lovely moments along the way.

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