Wednesday, June 23, 2010


For many years I have been leading Bible studies for women in my small hometown, but something changed 3 years ago. God connected me to a small group of women when we did Beth Moore's study Believing God. We began getting together to pray for one another and share our hearts. Then we passed around the YadaYada prayer group series, a set of fun fictional books and our hearts were knit together. There are 6 of us- different ages, backgrounds, careers, personalities etc. Oh, so much fun!
We pray for each others families, heart needs, and even our nation. The best part of all is that Jesus meets with us every time. We gather when we can and can hardly wait to hear what is happening with each other.
I have 2 really close long-distance friends  that I can trust, but now God has opened this safe place here at home. Our prayer is that he will use us to bless other women, too.
In the picture above are Ann and Jo, probably the youngest and the oldest.
We met last night at 6:30 and at 10:00pm, we gasped at the time! Every woman needs a Yada Sister.

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