Thursday, June 17, 2010

I've carried around this sense of failure since last fall about my horseback riding lessons. Each month I purposed to get back but something kept getting in the way. As more time passed, every time I thought about it I felt discouraged- until today. I was reading Kaileen's blog (see bloglist) and she was talking about her love for yoga. She explained that even when she can't get to yoga, it is always with her. as I responded to her post, I began to think about what I carried with me from those lessons.

When I first began I was terrified to even get near the horse. Over the summer I grew to love Apache, pictured above. then i had numerous problems with a tailbone issue that caused me many hours of discomfort, but I refused to give up.
As the summer ended, I changed instructors and realized that I had only just begun to learn. On the third week of lessons with my new instructor, I was forced to face the fact that I had some physical issues that needed tending. I walked away from lessons and spent the time instead at a massage therapist to help with my neck and back. I truly believe that, had it not been for that day on the horse when I was forced to look at the tension in my body, this would have gone on until I had serious problems.

So what did I take with me from this so-called failure?

I can overcome fear with prayer and doing it afraid.
I have determination.
Sometimes I want to focus on one area, when another must be tended first.
Timing is everything. Be patient.

Thaks Kaileen for helping me to see this experience in a different light. I am going to continue to ponder it.
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