Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catching Up with Old Friends

I'm glad I left you smilin' since I've taken so long to return!

I've been catching up with old friends of many kinds.

Last week I dug out my guitar which hasn't seen the light of day for a year or is it years? Played a little worship tune and had to cut my nails. Bummer.

On Sunday, my hubby and I went through the bag of Christmas cards. I usually save them and we read the notes and look at the pics in January. I put the photo cards on my refrigerator. Then I got so inspired that I grabbed the phone and called two old friends. One is expecting her first grandchild, who may be entering the world as I type. The other was my childhood chum. We only connect through cards at holiday time but this year I asked for her phone # and she included it in her Christmas card. What a great time we had catching up!

On Monday I went back to the gym. Hooray for me! I am going to take it slowly so as not to burn out. I went again today, even though I wasn't feeling the best and the temp outside was barely above zero. I actually love it once I'm there.

Now I'm going to visit a few of your blogs to catch up with new friends :)

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Sherry said...

Oh to be sure, there is such joy in catching up with old friends!

And going to the gym...I'm with you on this one completely. It's almost a chore to drag myself there and I mutter and moan the whole way. And then I am there and doing something (lately it's been swimming) and I enjoy myself immensely. Why do we make it so hard for ourselves I wonder?!?! :)