Saturday, February 6, 2010

Morning Ritual

Saturday morning, light snow falling, cozy fire burning, cup of honey-vanilla camomille tea. Mmm, it doesn't get any better than this.
I seem to be reading a lot of posts about morning rituals so here is mine:

Wake up and pray over my family before my feet hit the floor.
Out of bed, drink lukewarm water with a vitamin, start the fire in the kitchen, make my bed, open the curtains, head for my chair. Another bottle of water or a cup of tea in hand, I write in my journal and open my Bible to hear what God is saying over my life that day.

Lately I have been pondering one word from Hebrews 13:21. "Equip"
Beth Moore shared that it is the same Greek word found in Matthew 4:21 for "mend" their nets. It means to prepare or repair. It's the repair that got me, the picture of mending by stitching.

I've often wondered over the years why God has taken such a long time to heal my body, soul, and spirit. When I came to Him many years ago I was a broken wounded young woman. He could have miraculously transformed me, as He's done for others. But for some reason, He chose to take the long way around- stitch by stitch.

I must say throughout this process there have been many good qualities added to my life. But I made so many mistakes along the way. Most of the time, I see the underside of the embroidered masterpiece He is creating- a mess of knots and loose ends and seemingly mismatched threads. Once in a while, I get a glimpse of the picture and it has a word written etched within.

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Sherry said...

One can never go wrong with grace. My own personal mantra word it seems. Even though I feel grace I still ask regularly to be blessed with grace because we all now how easy it is to fall from grace.

Some prayers take longer to be answered because I believe we are meant to learn the lesson along the discover the answer for ourselves. If it was just given to us how much further ahead would we be? It may seem like others have their prayers granted immediately but perhaps that is just an illusion and they haven't really learned the lesson, merely emulated it. Food for thought Paula. ♥ I'm sure your prayers are being answered even if it seems slow. Faith. Spirit. Trust. Belief. My heart is with you!