Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sunshine/Color List #2- Piano, Piano

I loved this movie so much that I bought the book, which was much different from the movie. The restoration of the villa painfully crawled along, as did the book. Yet it intrigued me. One of the Italian phrases from the book has been whispering to me lately- piano, piano. In English it would mean slowly, slowly.
Several years later I am reading a series of books by Marlena de Blasi with the setting in Italy. The pace of life is in drastic contrast to ours in the U.S. as is the thought process. Reading about her life in Umbria brings a constant reminder to relax and let life craft its course, enjoying the journey. Thank you Italy for your words that found their way across the ocean to a little town in northern Maine- Piano, Piano.

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alteredpink said...

I love this post Mom. It is a great reminder to just slow down and enjoy the journey. I could use that reminder often:)