Tuesday, April 21, 2009

People movies

Do you remember the movie Notting Hill? I DVR'd it several weeks ago. Today I had planned to go to the gym, mail a package, run some errands etc. I did the first two, met my hubby for lunch and it started to snow, sleet, rain- take your pick. So I did something I haven't done in ages. I headed right back home, grabbed my favorite throw blanket along with the remote and spent the next two hours remembering how much I love "people" movies. You know the kind of movies where there is no great plot or fantastic action- just people and a lot of heart. Of course, this one qualifies as a romantic film as well. If you read this , leave a comment, share your favorite "people" movie. I'm trying to think of others. Perhaps that will be food for another post.


alteredpink said...

I love this post, how did you get the picture of Notting Hill on your blog? That looks so cool. Sounds like an awesome day. Sometimes I miss the snowstorms just to have an excuse for a comfortable, relaxing down day. Hmmm... another people movie, that's hard. I guess I would have to say Steel Magnolias or Junot (kindof reminded me of Knotting Hill for its quirkiness). Great idea for a blog entry!!

GraceGal said...

I got the picture from images at yahoo. I thought of Juno too. Steel Magnolias is perfect:) Hope you have a day like this soon:)