Friday, April 17, 2009

Green Thumb

I got the inspiration for this post from
You will find a beautiful pic of seed growth and a frantic post from a less than green thumb mother- check it out.
My photo above began as a spindly little plant last fall. For years I have wanted to grow plants and flowers, but something always happened to them. One time I planted a few marigolds along the outside walk and a friend's child trampled them all. Another indoor ivy got knocked over and destroyed. This pattern caused me to give up any hope of possessing a green thumb. Several years passed. My children grew up and had children. Then one day my son brought me some plants and hanging baskets to our camper for my birthday. My neighbor, whose yard was filled with flowers, gave me tips on nursing them daily. Oila! The flowers thrived under my touch. With new-found confidence I decided to try planting various containers at home with flowers. Not only did they live, the flowers burst forth into beauty. The next year I planted even more, a mini-garden on my terrace.
As winter approached, the thought that maybe, just maybe, I could try an indoor plant, surfaced. I was driving home on a cold windy day when i noticed a yard sale sign which said Plants For Sale. I turned around and bought three. The woman was moving and needed to part with them. I tenderly cared for the vine above with much love and prayer. Soon it needed a bigger pot and then another. I carefully gave instructions to my husband as I prepared to go on a trip for two weeks. Alas when I got back, brown leaves met me. I was heartbroken. This time I would not give up. I picked off all the dead leaves and placed it in the sun. Much to my delight, the plant rebounded. Today it is gorgeous and ready for a bigger pot. I love this process. There is much to be learned from a tiny vine. I plan to start from seeds in a few days indoors to ready for the spring.

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Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful gives me hope!! I plan to start slowly, just a small flower box that I'd like to grow fresh basil in, I make my own pesto and it would be great to just step outside and snip it whenever I need it :)

And thank you very much for including my link in your post! - bekkah