Friday, March 27, 2009

Secret 12 and Discouragement

This is the last week for The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women and I must admit I am a bit discouraged. I sat down at my art table tonight to attempt to "play" a little with paint, stamps, etc. After an hour, I tore the page from the book and gave up. I decided to take a picture of the journal , my desk, and the torn page -in that order. When I uploaded it to my blog, they were arranged in the opposite position and I can't seem to change that. Ok, I give up. My creative season on the art page is over. I have been trying for months to return to what I used to do with no success.
Thus tonight, instead of a goals list, I feel I need to create a gratitude list to celebrate the successes experienced these past 12 weeks.
1.I created a blog in January.
2. In February,I helped my daughter create her blog to share her amazing creativity. I am so proud of her.
3.In February, I also wrote a poem, celebrated other areas in which I am creative such as cooking, decorating my home, flower gardening, and created a Party Album as a gift.
4.In March, I braved posting a self-portrait devoid of makeup, learned the principle of letting go once again, posted photos for the Four, and prepared for 2 workshops I'll be teaching next week.
WOW, this was an awesome exercise! And walking past my art desk still makes me smile, so I won't pack it up yet.


Beverley Baird said...

Hi Grace: Thanks so much for your honesty and heartfelt post. I am new at this and I look at what you have accomplished in the past few months and you give me hope!
I see your journal as an invitation to fill its pages with so much of your wisdom learned and to not be afraid to put your thoughts and feeling down.
Loved your workspace/studio as well.
Take care.

Genie Sea said...

If it makes you smile, it is better than gold. :) Much success and joy in all your endeavors!

Cynthia said...

I'm with you girlfriend. I started blogging in Dec. I can't seem to get back to my creative place -- so thank you -- a gratitude list is in order!

I like your workspace, your art, I think you are brave and wonderful! Glad you aren't putting your stuff away just yet! :)

Your right, it's time to enjoy everyday of your life. and you always seem to make it happen!


Lissa said...

Good for you! Way to turn it around! I started blogging in Dec. and almost put my head through the computer last week!lol We all have those days!
Keep the faith & Keep on creating!

Sheila said...

Don't be discouraged - you're still sharing you and that invites encouragement so don't give up. Hope you quickly find whatever it takes to lift your spirit and put wind beneath your wings again or some peace in your rest period.

alteredpink said...

I'm so glad that you are exploring other passions, but PLEASE don't give up on your art. Your an amazing artist. I look at your stuff and I am in awe.

I had the same experience (discouraged, blank) at times and months later I just felt renewed passion for art again. So I'm glad your not packing your stuff away (never know when u will b inspired again:)-love the pictures!!

Lisa PN said...

I think that the feeling of being discouraged is a good reminder of why it is that we need to be kind to our selves. Just like you did here, you took the time to remind yourself of all of the good that you did. Brilliant really.
Glad that you are not packing it in! Glad to share the journey with you!