Friday, March 13, 2009

Secret #10- My Key to Abundance

Setting positive priorities is one of the subjects of this week's chapter. I know it's only March but I set some prioities this year and I am trying to stick to them. At the onset , I made a list and I revisit it on a regular basis to remind myself to stay on track. A couple of things have already fallen by the wayside and I let them go. I realized that too many goals can be a source of stress.

Letting go can sometimes be the path to abundance. Yesterday I spent 2 hours in frustration trying once again to write a message for a small conference coming up in April. I have tried several different ways of appraoching the designated subject for over a month or more now. I felt like time was running out. Finally I closed up everything and put it away.

When I got up this morning, my first reaction was to try again. I decided against it, honestly, overcome by discouragement. I sat down to watch a DVD and work a bit on a Bible study I had lain aside a while back. All of the sudden I couldn't hear what the speaker was saying. My message was staring me in the face. I got out my notebook and all my notes and everything flowed together. In a couple of hours, I was finished and elated.

Letting Go is the key to opening the door of abundance in my life.


D said...

Letting go does seem like a wise choice in an attempt to fully appreciate and recognize all that surrounds you.

Pearl Maple said...

Great post on the theme for abundance in the 12 steps, i have been reading along during the midst of a move and enjoyed your take on the subject. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa PN said...

Letting go is such a gift really. If only it were easier somehow! Such a dance of resistance and relaxation. Thanks for the reminder!