Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rules and Rain

Technically I am taking an August Break with Susannah Conway's blog but I also started her Photo Meditation course this week, so I feel the need to share a little of what I am learning.

Yesterday's lesson was on the rule of thirds. I have heard about this in scrapbooking circles but never gave it a lot of attention. Susannah's lesson brought clarity to this, especially when I went back over some photo albums of trips I had taken. I was floored to see my tendency to take photos dead center. I had already begun  to change that tactic simply by way of observing my daughter and granddaughter's pics. Now I will be more intentional about it as I train my eye.

I took this photo a few days ago after a rain shower. We need rain for our potatoes here in northern Maine right now and the water running from the eaves was a welcome sight. Look how the eye is drawn to the water and enhanced because it is off to the side. I used Picasa to enhance it just a tad bit more.

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