Saturday, August 11, 2012


"Dancing between our need for solitude and our need to be where others are"
Susannah Conway

I know that Susannah's will be one of those books which I unwrap again and again, a gift sitting on a shelf inviting me to visit one more time. There are words within its pages touching tender, unhealed, or confused spaces inside of me with appreciation, permission or healing.

One simple way today.
I waver between my joy this placid afternoon of reading and my desire to sit on the deck of a friend's home and connect with her emotions, thoughts and journey.

Laying aside my novel, I write a procrastinated letter. Finished, I dig through a pile for the address and lay my hand on "this i know." I open to my bookmark and read until this quote. Ahhh, that sweet permission to enjoy contentment while tiny longing dances below the surface. I pen the feelings in notes while they are fresh, for blogging later.

And return to my book
with a smile.


amber said...

Beautiful post & photo!!

KC said...

Dear GraceGal, The quote matches your marvellous photo perfectly. Thank you for sharing such beauty with me. I'm wondering what the name of the book is that you're reading. Can you let me know? Bye for now, Kerrie