Thursday, April 12, 2012

Winter 's Light

Source: via Paula on Pinterest

 A dreary week followed a snowy Easter. I am hungry for the sunshine. My plans were high to accomplish many things on my list, but it didn't happen. Winter fights to maintain its hold on our weather, our bodies, and our spirits here in Maine. The flu is raging, the clouds are heavy, and all seems grey and tired.

Hope lies in the knowledge that Spring will break through.

I began the week in 1 Samuel 2 with Hannah's prophetic declaration of prayer and praise over her family. Did she know it would affect a nation? She, too, had to walk the path of winter, promises seemingly buried deep, unfulfilled while the voice of others' blessings taunted her.

Perhaps it is traveling the long way around that forges the faith which will change a nation, when all we want is to change our family, protect them and be happy.
 God always has a bigger plan. His heart is the same as ours, His family much larger.

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