Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is It Dried Up?

Are you getting tired of me talking about my lack of creativity yet?
I am.

Today was my day to catch up. I am working on February in Project Life Clementine. In order to to recall some sequence of events in that month, I pulled out my journal. I had recorded my prayers and scriptures and several dreams, but not many events.
Next I turned to my index card Journaling Box. That helped. February held two surprise visits that I loved and have pictures for. I quickly typed up a synopsis of the month and added it to my album.

Having neglected to unplug my phone, two phone calls later and prayers for each, I turned back to my album with discouragement. It was time to get supper in the oven.

The truth is that somewhere along the way, this has become a project I can't keep up with and the joy has seeped out of it.

Supper is cooking and I am blogging. That counts for something.

Default - I am heading back to the book I've been reading until hubby comes home.

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Nancy said...

Hi Paula,
It seems you are really discouraged with your creative levels right now and I want you to know it happens to all of us.....Plus with you being sick that doesn't help...When you don't feel good, it's hard to get excited about anything.....

Just go with what you feel like doing and don't put so much stress on having to accomplish something...Maybe this is a time of more reflection than of projects....

Anyway, I'm thinking about you....I hope your Easter is filled with blessings and new insights from above...