Monday, May 24, 2010

Songs, Rest and Fun

Watchman Nee wrote a book on the Song of Solomon, which I purchased many years ago. I've read it so many times that it is now in three sections with a rubber band tied around it. The Song of Songs came to life under his pen, an allegorical story of Christ and  his beloved bride.
A few months ago a friend gave me a copy of The Shulamite's Cry and I have been reading a few pages at a time with my Bible in the morning. It is beautifully written and a fit companion for my Nee book. I loved it from the first so much that I bought a few copies to give out to my prayer group.
I've struggled with knowing what to post today. It's been so long and I thought about my excitement of an upcoming trip, the incredible beauty of my lilacs in bloom, how much I treasure friendships, etc. But as I looked for a picture this came to mind. I have been in a quiet resting season of reflection and regaining strength after winter's virus.
This is about to change as my granddaughter comes to visit.
I am blowing the dust off the scrabble game, thinking of getting back on the horse literally, and other summer activities. Life is never boring. Don't you love it?

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