Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Basking Belle

Some mornings I move more slowly than others and yesterday was one of them. Laying aside my plans for the morning I gathered my Bible, journal and cup of tea and headed for the porch. The sun was shining giving warmth to a chilly day. I've been starting each morning with a prayer,committing my day to God's direction. Proverbs 3:5-6 and Psalm 23 have been my companions for a few months. Time and time again I have seen my day take a different direction from what I had planned, but I'm learning to trust and rest in this season. I admit there are times when all of the things I want to accomplish scream at me, but then I remember that I am trying to live quieter and listen to my spirit, hoping this will bring heaking to my body as well.
I've discovered that when I move a little slower I enjoy moments that previously simply were overlooked, like the one pictured above. I finished my morning ritual and stepped back into the kitchen, but Belle remained basking in the sunlight, with her head lying on my sneakers. a perfect picture of my morning. I did eventually get to the gym but I enjoyed it much more than if I had rushed out the door with my to do list in my hand.

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