Saturday, September 17, 2011

Unusual Holy Places

You just never know how a day may unfold.

I've been praying each morning lately for wisdom, for God to send his angels out to sift and sort out my path, for divine additions and divine subtractions. Each day has held it's own surprises.

Today I planned to spend the morning at the Trash & Treasure show with a friend. It was her first experience and she loved it.

After lunch, hubby & I were to attend a family function. He worked later than we thought and I had an unusual peace about this change in plans.

We ended up at a family yard sale where I spent an hour over tea with a mother in distress. At first I found myself trying to give her answers, but nothing felt right. The words were coming from my head. Sending up a quick prayer for help, I opened my heart and words flowed. We cried together and prayed for God to protect her son and give her wisdom.

As we said goodbye, I knew God had knit our hearts together as only he can.

A simple yard sale can become a holy place when yielded to God.

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