Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Point of View

This is the view from my eyes for much of the time these days. I have been sick for a month with this virus/cold that knocked me off my feet. My days consist of getting the necessary chores done in the morning (after prayer and journaling time), lunch in front of the TV and some show I've taped, reading and a nap, and fianlly trying to figure out supper. It probably sounds like heaven to many, but it has been a shock to my system and discouraging to have one more physical ailment to deal with. I did, however, enjoy the reading part.
 I finally bundled up and went out for a walk this afternoon.. Normally, I would put my ipod on and get moving. Today, I left the electronics at home, including my camera and leisurely strolled along the snowmobile paths, stripping off my scarf, gloves and hood. What an incredibly beautiful day!
My thoughts drifted to past times when I hit a wall and finally slowed down. I feel sometimes like people are speeding by me on either side and I am barely crawling. Why do I fight the stillness? and the illness? It feels like a losing battle these days.
Anyway, I am taking a break from blogging for awhile. Life is full of unanswered questions for me and speaking in any form is a bit too much right at the moment. This may be for a day, a week or a month. I just need to de-clutter for a bit. I've moved away from facebook too.
I will continue to read my favorite blogs because I enjoy them. I just need to lie fallow for a time.


Sherry said...

(((Paula))) I so understand and appreciate this. It's frustrating when we feel like this...but our bodies heal at their own pace and sometimes it's simply enough to do what needs to be done in a day. And then something like a walk on a beautiful day.

Have your break and your rest and spend time not "thinking" just "being".

Sending you many positive thoughts of healing and love. xo

Sharmila said...

Hi Gracegal ;) Soft spaces are great, and it would be lovely to embrace them for ourselves more often without restraint. You have permission to do this and sometimes one step back is actually quite a few steps forward after that necessary "pause"..
Maybe you'd like to join me on this 35 day challenge I have just embarked on? It's all about you as a woman, and believing in your worth, your voice, and honoring your inner spirit --stillness is just one way to do this. It sounds like you just need a bit of cushion and free energy to have some fun for you? If so, come on over and I'd love to walk this path with you.. I hope that you feel better soon! ;) ~Sharmila